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Greetings from CEO

Wishing you a beautiful day.

“Bridge” Corporation was established on December 26, 1991 and is one of the first private sector companies in Mongolia.  Since 1991, we have been operating in the domestic and foreign markets in trade, production, and service, and have been successfully expanding our business activities year by year. In 2016, the corporation’s shareholders and shares were successfully restructured. During the period from 2018 to 2022 after this restructuring, the corporation’s total sales increased 4 times and the total profit increased 5 times. All these achievements and the expansion of our business activities are the direct results of the hard work and dedication of our passionate, gifted employees, as well as the support and cooperation of our valued customers, clients, and consumers. 

According to our chairman’s philosophy, we have our own philosophy which everyone agreed with and followed in our company. For our philosophy, we stick to the slogan “For the Brightest Future – Let’s Develop the Good Company!”, “Joint Effort a Key to Development”, “For High Productivity with an Optimistic Attitude” and work in a united mind and spirit. Our team management (Leadership and POCA) aims to always be one step ahead of others (the recipient of the latest information and knowledge), and for this, we must become and follow the principle of the BEST READER and BEST COMMUNICATOR (HoRenSO by Japanese), BEST PRACTICE (internally and from abroad) and DO MY BEST. We will encourage each other to do our best at all times. Hereby we declare the multiaspect our philosophy of being a contributor to the brightest future of our country and mother earth, a relentless achiever towards fair competition which is an important factor of institutional development, a fearless achiever who achieves his goals, a strong entrepreneur, an enforcer of optimal social responsibility policy, an innovator with high productivity and the leading company in the region.

We emphasize our customer satisfaction, always stand by their side, provide them with the highest-quality and valuable products and services under the best trading conditions, prioritize the emotional and well-lives of our employees based on certain criteria, and give priority to the trust of our customers. The company management team will provide support to its employees’ initiatives to discover and develop their personal talents and skills. This aim will be fulfilled through the “Growth and Virtuous cycle” principle. As the company provides real support to the human resources development of the staff, we hope that their skills will reach the international level and each employee will become a “World level businessman – implementer of countless goals” who works as a professional. As a result of our philosophy, our mission and vision will be achieved.

We are confident that we can develop a “GOOD” company that will contribute to the brighter future of our country and the world by creating an encouraging environment full of smiles every morning and every day.

I wish you all success.


BATZORIG Ulziidelger