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Company overview

Company name
iBridge Corporation
Established year
26th .Dec.1991
Bridge Plaza Building, 14-th khoroo, Peace avenue, Bayanzurkh district, Ulaanbaatar-51,
Mongolia Tel: (976-11) 450520 Fax: (976-11) 458005
GANKHUYAG Davaajav – Chairman and President
BATZORIG Ulziidelger – CEO of Bridge LLC, Head Company
Total assets
40.0 million USD
Sales revenue
32.0 million USD
Subsidiary and co-operative companies
Total – 7 companies,
Subsidiary companies – 3
Co-operative companies – 4
Areas of activity
Automotive sector
– Car sales
– Sales of geniune spare parts and accessories for cars and heavy equipment
– Car diagnosis, maintenance & seNices
Agriculture sector
Nomadic animal husbandry, production, trade, export of meat and dairy products.
Health sector
Medicine, supplement & healthy food, medical & training equipment, cosmetic products, pharmacy chain store
Other sector
-Mining geology and exploration activities -Production of renewable energy -Road constructions

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