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Our company emphasizes the basic purpose its multifaceted philosophy with the following slogans.


Let’s be a leading company in the region.

Collective effort-The key to growth. 

Always be one step ahead of others.

Core values

Put customer satisfaction as a top priority, always stand by them, and supply them with the highest quality, valuable products, and services under the best possible terms.

We will do our best to support our employee’s emotional health and their materialistic needs based on certain criteria.

Emphasize the trust of our customers.

Each employee shall strive for growth in order to become “World level businessman – implementer of countless goals” who works as a professional.

We shall be respectful of the history, culture, and traditions of other nations and obey the laws and regulations of Mongolia as well as foreign countries. Also, we shall follow the  internal rules, and other regulations of the company in order to create the brightest and happiest future for our country and the world through our operations.

Each employee will emphasize honesty, mutual trust, and responsibility in their activities and will develop a GOOD COMPANY it will help us to develop the strengths of individual creativity and team cooperation.

Our team management (Leadership and POCA) always aims to be one step ahead of others (the recipient of the latest information and knowledge), and to fulfill this purpose we must uphold the following principles: BEST READER and BEST COMMUNICATOR (by Japanese), BEST PRACTICE (internally and from abroad) and DO MY BEST  the result of any work we do will be measured to ensure that it does not fall below the international level).

Every morning, Every day we shall brighten our work environment with our smile and express our sincere APPRECIATION to everyone and everything surrounding us.